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Rivermead Lodge 8278

Consecrated 3rd October 1969

The late W.Bro. Charles (Charlie) Froud is one of the few members of Rivermead Lodge to have held Grand Rank. Although a Founder and very important part of the history of Rivermead Lodge, W.Bro Charles was never Master of the Lodge.

W.Bro. Charles died at the age of 92. He continued to attend Lodge meetings almost until the end of his life and was always to be seen seated to the right of the Worshipful Master at meetings and during the festive board.

Many members of the Lodge will not have known W.Bro Charles. For those members, the pictures below will show them what this very big man looked like. For others, it will remind us of how privileged we are to have known him.

The picture to the left shows W.Bro. Charles in later life. The picture to the right shows a younger W.Bro. Charles in the regalia of Past Grand Standard Bearer.

W.Bro. Charles Froud