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Rivermead Lodge 8278

Consecrated 3rd October 1969

Earliest Surviving Summonses

As has been mentioned elsewhere on this website, the importance of archiving has become very clear to the Lodge. There is now a concerted effort underway to archive Lodge summonses, which provide a documented history of Lodge activity and also show positions held by members at particular points in time.

This page features our oldest surviving summonses. They are all printed double sided on one sheet of paper and measure 20cm x 30.5cm

Our oldest surviving summons is for the meeting held on Tuesday 23 January 1973. At this meeting W.Bro Michael Doherty was initiated into Freemasonry. W.Bro. Mike was Preceptor of the Lodge of Instruction for many years and is very much missed by all, who knew him. The summons shows the late and much missed Bro's Bob Wright and Tony Edwards as Stewards of the Lodge. Click on the image to the right to see a copy.

One of our Past Masters, W.Bro. John Kent, was initiated on 22 May 1973. With the meeting starting at 5pm, a double initiation and a full agenda, it is difficult to imagine how everyone was ready for dinner at 7.30pm!

Of interest also is item 12 on the agenda, a Notice of Motion, which reads as follows: "That the Initiation fee be increased to £40.00; the joining fee be increased to £15.00; the annual subscription be £12.00; the non-dining members' fee be £4.00 and the dining fee for visitors be £2.00." In 1973, the average wage was £2,170.00 per year. £12 represents 0.55% of that wage. In England in 2011, the minimum wage is £6.08. For a 40 hour week, £165 is 1.3%. For anybody earning £30,000 per year, it is 0.55%. Perhaps this might cause us to reflect upon whether or not the fees have really gone up? The summons can be seen by clicking on the image to the left.

The Lodge has also been fortunate enough to have been contacted by the widow of a late Bro. Albert Casson. Bro. Casson left the Lodge many years ago. His initiation, however, clearly meant a lot to him as he kept and preserved the summons relating to his initiation. The Lodge is, therefore, very fortunate to have been given this summons and we thank Mrs Betty Casson for finding us and giving us this important, historical document.

The summons is for the meeting held on Tuesday 23 March 1976. It is printed as described above. It has some interesting, historical points. The Worshipful Master is one of our Founders, W.Bro. Bert Barrett. As explained on our Early Days page, the Lodge of Rectitude sponsored the founding of Rivermead Lodge. This summons shows that W.Bro. Bert was Master of both Lodges in 1976. The list of officers also has some familiar names, particularly in the list of Stewards! The summons can be seen by clicking on the image to the right.